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We grow two kinds of hops, Cascade which we planted and local heritage hops which we found in the farm hedgerows.  These are a variety of Cluster hops still growing from when Dutch Barn Farm previously grew hops in the late 1800s and early 1900s.  The old trellis has gone and the old hop house is gone, but the plants are thriving in the hedgerows.  Over the next few years we intend to propegate these New York State hops.  For the moment we're calling them heritage hops.

 How to order

You can order hops by phone at (518) 993 4983, by filling out the order form below, or by email to

2014 Price List*


Prices listed below are for dried cones of hedgerow hops, the whole flower dried and vacuum packed.  Call for prices and arrangements to buy wet hops.


1 lb package: $25.00 


* All Prices are subject to change.  Please confirm the price before you order.

Shipping and handling

The prices shown above don't include shipping fees for USPS Priority Mail.  Avoid the fees by picking up the hops yourself.  We'd love to see you and you'll save yourself a bundle.

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