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We pasture raise Freedom Ranger and Buff Orpington chickens.  These take longer to grow to full size than faster growing broilers, but they are healthier and taste better.  Here are some at about eight weeks old.

We are not large scale commercial growers.  We don’t have stock year around. Instead we raise a small number of birds each year and let their pasture and pens “rest” during the balance of the year.  This helps keep diseases in check and gives the land time to recover.

The chickens are a Freedom Ranger chicken from French breeding stock, originally bred for France’s Label Rouge qualities.  These chickens grow well, have nice white meat and dark meat to please all.  A few each year top 7 pounds and a few finish closer to 3.5.  They are raised free-range, in closed pen at night to protect from predation, and fed

The first day-old chicks of the year arrived at the beginning of May.