Solar Grazing

In summer Dutch Barn Farm sheep provide landscaping services to nearby solar farms.

Solar power provides sheep farmers with new business: solar grazing.  From a sheep farmer's point of view, the solar farms are cropping up everywhere are securely enclosed pastures with permanent shade structures.  From the point of view of solar farm operators, they are facilities that need to be maintained.

A few years ago a small flock of sheep from Dutch Barn Farm joined forces with sheep from Fortunate Ewe Farm in Cambridge to graze a 10 acre solar farm in the capital district.

The same electric net fencing is used to manage grazing within the boundary of the solar farm

The sheep spent four months during summer keeping grass down.  They spent the hottest part of the day resting in the shade provided by solar arrays.

Dutch Barn Farm is a proud member of the American Solar Grazing Association

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