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How to Order

Order by phone at (518) 993 4983, by, or by filling out the form below.

2015 Whole Lamb Prices*

We have switched to a size based pricing plan to better servce customers who want smaller lambs.  Prices are based on weight ranges.  Prices include butcher fees and packaging at $80. Slaughter, skin, and quarter (non USDA) can be arranged for $40.

Small whole lamb (75 to 85 pounds live weight) yields about 34 to 40 pounds of meat    $290

Medium whole lamb (86 to 95 pounds live weight) yields about 39 to 43 pounds of meat $315

Large whole lamb (96 to 115 pounds live weight) yields about 43 to 52 pounds of meat   $340

* Prices are subject to change.  Please confirm the price before you order.

What you get

Each whole lamb order contains 2 packages ground lamb, 2 slabs of Denver Lamb Ribs (1 pkg.), 4 lamb shanks (2 pkgs.), 2 racks of lamb (2 pkgs.), 8 loin chops (4 pkgs.), 2 boneless lamb shoulders, and 2 boneless legs of lamb. This box comes with a large bag of leg bones for soups and stews–or for your best friend.

A whole lamb will need about 2 cubic feet of freezer space.


We are now taking orders for 2015 pasture reared lamb. Meat will be available from October.

Orders can be picked up from the farm or can be delivered if you live nearby. Sorry, but we do not ship.

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