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 How to Order

Order by phone at (518) 993 4983, by filling out the order form below, or by e-mail ( ). Your order will be cut, vacuum wrapped, labeled, and frozen.

2014 Price List*

Whole lamb price: $330
Half a lamb price: $200

* All prices subject to change.  Please confirm the price before you order. 

* Cost of cutting and wrapping is included in the price.


We are now selling 2014 pasture reared lamb. 

What you get

Each half lamb (about 18 - 21 pounds) order contains: 1 package ground lamb, 1 slab of Denver Lamb Ribs (1 pkg.), 2 lamb shanks (1 pkg.), 1 rack of lamb (1 pkg), 4 loin chops (2 pkgs.), 1 boneless lamb shoulder, and 1 boneless leg of lamb. This box comes with a small bag of leg bones for soups and stews – or your best friend.

A half lamb will need about one cubic foot of freezer space


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