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Celebrate the year of the sheep

Dutch Barn Farm is a historic family farm in Stone Arabia, NY where we raise fresh, grass-fed lamb, chicken,vegetables, honey and hops

We grow everything without using artificial fertilizers, pesticides or added hormones.  We are not certified organic yet, but we have taken the NOFA Farmer's Pledge.

Our ewes live on pastures until they get snowed under and move to the barn.  And after winter in the barn and hay they're delighted to be back out grazing.  Llarry the llama who lives with the flock protects them from predators year round.


New York Hops

We sell modern and heritage hop varieties.  Upstate New York used to lead the world in hops production so we've got a great foundation for our own hops.  In fact we found hops growing in the hedgerows when we first bought the farm and we're cultivating these as well as ever popular Cascade, Chinook and Willamette varieties.


 Pasture raised Chicken

We are raising Freedom Ranger and Buff Orpingtons.chickens